I fund this out of pocket, and work on it by myself most of the time, but it is undeniable that plenty of people have helped me out over the years and I absolutely have to appreciate them...

#1 My wonderful parents who never had a problem with my fascination with the macabre and Halloween, but encouraged me to go with it every October. They bought me so much stuff throughout the years that I still use today.

My stunningly beautiful, kick ass spectacular girlfriend Jessica for all her input and (attempts at) moving things too heavy for her to lift each and every year.

My best friends Chris & Kreyg for lending a hand with anything and everything during the 2013 year and 2014 years.

My brother Rob for mailing me 600 ft of cheesecloth, along with helping with plenty of other solutions. He's my go to guy when I'm stuck anywhere and gives me lots of important advice.

All of my ex-roomates from Thirty Knapp that helped me with moving heavy stuff, ideas, and scaring attendees.

My boss Dan for giving me more than enough time off in 2013 and 2014 to pursue my dreams.

My landlord Kevin for being totally cool with me making all of this possible. I turned his garage into a Haunted house! Opposite of that, he runs a spectacular restaurant you should check out in Stony Point called Lynch's Restaurant. He's one of the best around.

Chad, my carpenter friend who made me two coffins.

Lawrence Burns for all of my flyer art. His art is literally disgusting and awesome. My favorite.

Brian for all of his additional art. He did one of my logos and a bunch of signs I use at the haunt. Another spectacular artist.

Rachel for the 2010 flyer and the logo I still use.

Plenty of local business'...
Mels Army Navy store in Pearl River for countless pairs of damaged old boots I use year after year.
Spirit Halloween wherever they may be located. Every year they are consistently the only Halloween store with new, awesome, unique, reasonably priced merchandise. Their customer service rules too and they've hooked me up more times than I can remember. Loyalty pays off with them :)
Dollar Tree usually has some surprisingly good Halloween decor as well.
Home depot. I'm there roughly 3 days a week.
The Antioch thrift store owned by St Margarets church in Pearl River, although they have been closed for 2 years, I've saved so much money and found so much cool stuff shopping there. I miss them.